Change Management and Digital Transformation

Navigating the execution of digital transformations, ensuring they work for all the people in your organisation

About Us


Our Experience

We have worked in IT Project and Change Management for over 20 years. Implementing all manner and size of systems for government, corporate and nonprofits. We are now focusing on the implementation of change in Digital Transformation Projects including

  • Organisation Change assessments
  • Impact Analyses
  • Change Capability building
  • Adoption and Compliance
  • Benefits Realisation


Our Approach

We will tailor our approach to the needs of your organisation and project. We can help to fill a short-term capability gap, for anything from a few days to longer engagements working closely with business stakeholders to manage and implement the change for a programme of work.

Our approach is always consultative and collaborative, and seeks as a priority to build organisational capability


Why Us?

With Metabole Consulting you get a wealth of cross-industry experience, combined with a truly inclusive and consultative approach. By the time we conclude the project your organisation should have all the tools required to continue to implement change.